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January 18, 2024    
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Bookings closed

The course will be run by Ros Allsop and Iain Gunn. Both experienced head teachers who have
led two successful Essex school for a number of years.

Session 1
Go through list of things needed in the next 8 weeks
Health and safety essentials
Analysing external data reports
Effective performance management reviews and targets

Session 2
Go through list of things to do in next 8 weeks
Reporting to governors
Setting a budget
Dealing with difficult behaviour- parents, staff and children

Session 3
Go through list of things to do in next 8 weeks
School development planning and setting priorities
Empowering middle leaders
Dealing with under performance and performance management

The sessions will be run by two experienced head teachers Ros Allsop and Iain Gunn
The session will be run on line via Teams 1:30pm -4:30 pm The first session is 23:11:23. The
second 18:1:24 and the final session 30:4:24

There will also be on going telephone support where you can ring for advice at any time.


Bookings are closed for this event.