School Office Reviews

The objective: A one day review focusing on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your school office. Jan Gough will look at your office’s systems, procedures and practices in place, and make recommendations.

Cost: £1,100 + VAT

Before the review day the following will be considered:

  • The DFE Benchmarking Report card
  • The number of office staff and the hours and times that they work
  • Job descriptions and bandings
  • Partnership and collaborative working

During the day the following will be undertaken:

  • A review of the electronic office systems being used
  • A review of office practice and procedures
  • A review of the roles and responsibilities of each member of staff
  • A review of lines of management and expectations
  • Observations in the office at key times of the day
  • Interviews with individual members of office staff efficiency and cost effectiveness of your school office.

After the review:

A written report will be sent over which will include recommendations for improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your school office.

About Jan Gough - Consultant conducting the review

A SIAMS registered church schools inspector and a diocesan improvement partner with the Diocese of Chichester, Jan Gough was headteacher at Churchwood Primary School where she was recognised by Ofsted as having outstanding leadership and management skills. Jan was a senior manager with the East Sussex School Improvement Service for 3 and a half years. During that time she was the school improvement partner in special measures and vulnerable schools.

To book

To book an office review, please email Lesley Binnell at

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