Financial management services

We can adapt any of these finance management services outlined below, to meet the specific needs of your school, with the overriding ambition to save the cost of the support visit through efficiencies identified.

One day office review

Typically a full day in school, with an additional  half day to analyse the evidence base and a further half day to write  a comprehensive report with identified next steps:

  • Prior to the visit the Impetus Consultant will contact the Headteacher to discuss any particular areas of concern
  • Prior to the visit the school he will have requested key information such as current pupil numbers /number of classes / staffing structures
  • During the visit identified  ‘quick wins’ will be identified that could generate savings. eg. a4 photocopy paper purchase, ink cartridges
  • A review of Contractors the school uses and viewing of the school’s  Single Central Record

Cost: £1,000 plus VAT (including procurement discount)

The Impetus Consultant will carry a list of contractors / suppliers he has previously used who have demonstrated excellent value for money  to support the ambition to help school’s generate savings.

Procurement Health Check

Prior to the visit, Tony will contact the headteacher to discuss any particular areas of concern or budget pressure. During the visit guidance will be provided  in the following areas:

  • Opportunities for savings
  • Guidance on managing existing agreements
  • Changes to the structure / balance of existing agreements

After the half day school visit, Tony will provide a review of the major areas of spend in the school (either for goods or services).

Cost: £300 plus VAT (10% Discount for first booking)

Specific support in the following areas:

  • Due diligence financial checks (as part of the MAT process)
  • Tender and quote process
  • Contract Review/ Negotiation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Project management
  • Technical Co-ordination
  • Sourcing of goods and services
  • Premises Management