Science leader termly update training

Purpose: To understand best practice in primary Science teaching, how to use the National Curriculum to teach inspiring Science lessons, and to understand what Ofsted expects to see in primary school Science lessons.

Each session explores activities and aspects of Science requested by subject leaders and covers these areas:

    • Increasing progress in children’s scientific knowledge and understanding, and their skills of working scientifically
    • Creating practical Science lessons that excite and engage children and are easy to resource
    • Using different types of scientific enquiry to answer questions, including those generated by the children
    • Identifying the Science in real-life contexts
    • Teaching the tricky Science concepts
    • Deepening children's learning in Science so they can demonstrate mastery
    • Using problem solving to enable children to apply their scientific knowledge and understanding
    • Knowing what Ofsted, DfE etc expect of primary school Science

These sessions will cover relevant up to the minute developments in Science, including how to teach the tricky bits, and providing the opportunity for delegates to share best practice.

Audience: Science subject leaders, Senior leaders
Led by: Jeremy Crook
Cost: £60 per person +vat


Upcoming dates

Session 1 - 18th October 2018
Session 2 - 24th January 2019
Session 3 - 23rd May 2019


To book

Please email Lesley at

Sessionled by Jeremy Crook

Until recently Jeremy was a headteacher. He was recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding teacher and an inspirational headteacher, being commended in the 2009 Headteacher of the Year Awards for his work in transforming his previous school. Jeremy now works at as consultant and is the director of a teacher training company. He lectures in initial teacher training, runs a wide range of bespoke training courses, and is a member of the National Curriculum Science Expert Group.